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What is keeping you moving forward right now during our distancing and industry shut down? 

My husband, my family, my pets and my morning jog. I love getting outside every day for my morning jog with an amazing playlist. I've been living for the occasional virtual “House party” with friends and the online classes I have been taking have been awesome.


During such an abnormal and emotional time, how are you able to channel your feelings and energy.

My new desire to paint has been very fun, I haven't painted in years. I also bought some charcoal that I have been playing with etching. I also love just getting out my mannequins and playing some moody music and see what happens. I love to do different techniques with my marcel iron.  Its interesting to see how the different tone of music can impact the artistic expression. I've also been practicing razor haircuts. I've also been going back through my Oribe Journey to Mastery class notes and recreating the looks we did in class.


What is your biggest struggle or darkest corner at the moment. 

Allowing myself to feel the entirety of this moment, all while not knowing when this moment is going to end, or even what the end will look like. I'm extremely goal focused and a planner, I am class driven, client driven, its always work work work. Not being able to plan makes me dizzy sometimes. The universe is telling us to slow down, literally making us and if we don't there will be dire consequences. How do I learn from this? How am I going to be different after all this? I'm still working all this out in my head. There are good days and bad days, I am pretty lucky to have more good days than bad.


How has your experience in the industry shaped your outlook on your future in the industry? 

I have met so many amazing people from all of the world. We will get through this together. Things may have to be rebuilt and redesigned but we will rebuild and we will thrive again. Its going to be a journey and there will be more surprises on the way but we have the most caring, unique and brilliant people in the world in our industry. Things will have to be done differently and we need to start thinking and preparing how to manage these differences.


What is the most important part of your work to you? 

I love every bit of it, I am super passionate about our craft. There is something super special about helping someone see their own beauty. I love making people feel special and beautiful.

How do you approach learning/education? 

I can never get enough education. I soak it up and take it very serious. It is what keeps me inspired and focused. I love the opportunities I get to assist and have been very lucky to assist some AMAZING artists. You can learn an incredible amount by assisting. I also take any and every advanced hands on class I can. It is a continuing pursuit of education that has made me the artist that I am today. There is always more to learn and ways to improve in our craft.

Tell us about your creative process and how it has evolved since the beginning of your career? 

Developing your eye really takes time. The first half of my career I really focused on the foundations and classic shapes/haircuts etc. While you can always build on the foundations now I am learning to use my eye and listen to the hair. I'm learning to be more intuitive in my cutting, its exciting to see the evolution. 


What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Never skimp on shoes or mattresses.

In regards to hair, you don't have to cut every subsection every time. Its not just about the hair you cut, its about the hair you leave.


Top 5 books? 

  1. call me by your name by andre aciman

  1. The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice
  2. Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
  3. Dry by Augusten Burroughs
  4. furiously happy by Jenny Lawson

Top 5 Albums? 

  1. Sissor Sisters original album
  2. Mariah Carey Christmas album
  3. amy grant heart in motion 
  4. h.e.r. h.e.r.
  5. Madonna the immaculate collection

If you were able to go on a vacation trip for work training/inspiration, where would you go?

Right now just out side of my neighborhood sounds amazing! NYC, LA and Miami have always been so inspirational to take classes but it would be a dream to take a class in London, Paris or Milan and is a goal to work FW in one of those cities. Vancouver and Seattle is also on the list.


Most iconic hairstylist? How do you name just one??? The top 3 would be Oribe Canales, Garren and Guido Palau. God there are so many other icon's out there though! We are lucky to be in an industry full of inspirational people! 

April 27, 2020 — Drew Schaefering


Tricia Speas said:

You truly have always inspired me. I may be a proud mother but remember times of darkness in my life, you were my sunshine. You still are.

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