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I’m able to be outside, hike, trail run, have picnics with friends and enjoy this mild AZ spring. 

Since I can’t get to the beach right now, which I have been physically craving and is fuel  for my soul, these flower covered desert scapes have been a lovely alternative. Keeping active and having a game plan is how I keep sane. Inactivity destroys my sense of well being, ups stress levels, breeds laziness and dulls motivation. Movement is a must for me. 
Being able to have more projects and time to create is another plus right now. Since I can’t be at my studio cutting hair, I’ve been painting, playing with plaster, watching more hair tutorials, busting out my mannequin head, landscaping and dreaming/scheming for future home remodeling projects. 
I know when this shit storm is over that I’ll have hair to get back to. It’s a peace of mind knowing our industry isn’t going anyway. We’re resilient. We support each other.  We’ll bounce back...and many of us will show up refreshed, more focused and better stylist/business owners than before. We have such a privileged place in our clients’ lives. Connecting with mine, instilling confidence and trust and of course, helping them look and feel awesome is the most important aspect of what I get to do. 
Cutting hair is an extension of myself... how I see the world, art, and fashion refines how I create shape, texture, and movement in hair. 
Also-favorite albums?? I can’t answer that- I love all sorts of music . The last two concerts I went to were explosions in the sky and Iron Maiden. See, I’m all over the place! I’ve always loved rock and roll. From the 70’s Classic, pretty much anything 80’s (especially Depeche Mode, the smiths, new order, the cure) , 90’s punk ( my prime 🤪) to 90’s hip hop... and finally today’s good metal( not the crappy construction rock) some indie electronic and solid singer song writer stuff like City and Colour. 
My hair inspiration trip would be back in time. To the 80’s punk club scene in NYC and LA. 
May 11, 2020 — Drew Schaefering

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