PAULA COLL: / Stylist at Zanya Spa Salon

How I approach education/learning:  I try to be open and not “try”, just do it.  Don’t overthink.  Don't be afraid to fail.  Sounds like Jedi training or something, but I find if I approach the new stuff without judgement and just go with it, I am free to just learn.  I have a lot more self compassion that way too!
What’s keeping me moving forward during distancing:  I have so much more discretionary time!  It’s the one thing you can’t make more of, so I am looking at it as a real gift.  And with this time I am exploring content from new sources, taking virtual classes, and trying to create some new media content for myself as well.  Its got me thinking about what my “brand” is...  Definitely well out of my comfort zone with that, and it feels good!
Most important part of my work:  Undoubtedly this is my human connection to my clients and coworkers.  I say it all the time:  I am not just doing hair.  Sometimes that is almost secondary to the real, human, emotional and even physical connection I have with the person on my chair, or the coworker next to me. It’s important.  It’s trust.  And I don’t take it for granted.


May 05, 2020 — Drew Schaefering

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