CRUXE aims to build a community of like-minded artists, creatives, individuals, sharing the appreciation for perspective, emotion, and aspirational quality. We connect and collaborate with artists and individuals who continue to push the limits and question the status quo.  

By aligning with photographers in the likes of Heath Grout, Hugh Lippe, Brendan Wixted, Nick Tsirogiannidis and others, we find inspiration and connection to the powerful emotion that a photograph can evoke. Collaborating with brands and designers like Pace Leather NYC and Sur La Route, we find parallels in quality in purpose with the products we provide for our community. Extending outside of the lines of working with hair as the only medium we choose, artists like Danielle LeoGrande and Erin Nafieh create stunning imagery which embodies the ethos of CRUXE and stimulates us visually.  
 Continuing to push our own limits of connectivity, we have partners like United Beauty Mexico who elevate and promote professional development in the hair industry, providing inspiration, education, and connection. We work with Agency Nomadic NY  in order to help build our foundation and keep us on our path.

February 21, 2022 — Drew Schaefering

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