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Made in New York City

By Cruxe Brand - Pace Leather Nyc

“Vertere” Multi-Use Leather Travel Roll-Up.

This All Natural Cowhide Leather with Antique Nickel Hardware is versatile for what may suit your needs. Possibly storing your tools on a motorcycle across the country, on the go between hair appointments, daily storage for your accessories, or whatever. If you find yourself always on the go, heading upstate for the weekend, or simply need that midsized bag and have nothing to keep your supplies in, we got you covered.

Formed from a 2-3 oz cowhide detailed with nickel hardware, the “Vertere” measures 10” wide by 32” in length. Finished RiRi zippers on all four of our pockets, two triangles and one flat. Fit with a removable cylinder pouch and leather strap as well as a twisted chain, both measuring 30” in length. Six snap closures finish this piece off for extra durability for keeping your lifestyle safe.

    Please allow 45 days from the date of purchase for production along with a shipping lead time. International shipping is accepted.


    This item is delivered with a lifetime warranty against defects. 


    Are the X and Y Oil Organic?

    The X and Y Oil are made of 4 organic, cold-pressed oils and 4 organic aromatic oils. It is also vegan. 

    What is your return policy?

    Products can be returned within 14 days of receiving for any reason for a full refund.

    Product returns are accepted for any reason within 14 days of receiving items.

    Free return shipping on all orders.

    How long will the combs last?

    The Cruxe combs will last an indefinite amount of time with normal use. The genetic make up of carbon-fiber/nylon ensure durability from heat and breaking.

    Unlike many combs that lose teeth, our combs most often go “missing” before they break. The white combs’ appearance can be restored by cleaning with hair lightener or a magic eraser due to the matte finish without disrupting the quality or feel of the comb.

    What is the typical shipping time?

    3-6 business days.

    Can be 2-4 days longer during holiday season.