Zoom CRUXE Abstract 2-Day Workshop / June 20-21 BROOKLYN, NY

CRUXE Abstract 2-Day Workshop / June 20-21 BROOKLYN, NY



This workshop is designed for each stylist to go through a creative shift within themselves.

In an industry which teaches the masses to follow, experience a class which guides you to explore alternative solutions through:

   -alternative artistic mediums

    -inspiration through other creative industries

  -demo/hands-on submerged experiences

Cost includes all art materials, exhibition fees, mannequin, and lunch both days.

Letting go of the expectations we carry allows us to channel alternative art mediums and connect through a different type of energy transfer that results in a deeper connection, altering how we look at our subject.

I’m incredibly proud of this workshop. The ability it has to empower each individual it connects with shows the genuine need for this in our industry. To say I’m passionate would be an understatement. During my first ten years of educating in the hair industry, I  have discovered a missing piece to what hairstylists need to thrive, no matter the skill level or experience. Learning a technique or process for a finished result is vital to building a skillset and confidence in any field. HOWEVER. The dilemma arises when an industry of hairdressers only knows how to recreate looks from their learned past without looking within and creating confidently.

I invite you to experience something new.






“It’s hard to explain an experience that

changes you in ways you have never


Danielle L.


“Exploring different artistic mediums helped me see differently and my daily life has since changed both personally and professionally.”

Nina R.


CRUXE Abstract 2-Day Workshop / June 20-21 BROOKLYN, NY


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