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The Cruxe Clip Pack

The Cruxe Clip Pack

The Cruxe Clip Pack

The Cruxe Clip Pack

I was excited to experience Cruxe’s new oil treatment and I love it! It’s seductive, pure original blend of grounding scents creates a deep, soothing and uplifting journey that allows for a brief escape into aromatic bliss! Really! Although, it’s great for luxurious hair and perfectly hydrated skin it’s soothing scent makes the trip so special. Enjoy!

Cindy Adams Harrison

These clips are by far the BEST I’ve ever used! Hair stays right where you clip it with the impressive band build into the clip on the inside! Love the smooth rubber finish and is great quality. Haven’t had one break compared to other brands clips.

Rachel Costello- Hairstylist : Atlanta, GA @costellorachel

This roll bag is a true legend in my kit. I am on set daily and this makes traveling, packing and repacking a breeze. Mine has now lasted me 2 years and keeps getting better with age.

Matthew Collins - Celebrity Hairstylist: Los Angeles,CA @matthewstylist

I’ve been cutting hair for 17 years and these are the BEST cutting combs I’ve ever used. They are durable, heat resistant, and don’t slip in wet hands. On top of all that I just love the clean matte look of these bad boys!!

Kim Cornwell - Hairstylist : Tempe, AZ @forge_studio_az

THE ONLY COMB the Travis Parker Academy promotes and endorses. Hands down the best cutting comb in the market.

Travis Parker - Stylist, Salon/Academy Owner : San Diego, CA @travisparkerhair

Love these clips! A really Strong hold yet they don’t leave a mark behind. Love the materials used in their make.

Shay Ashual - Hairstylist : New York, NY @shayashual

LOVE my Cruxe clips! Super strong but doesn’t leave a demarcation line. Great non slip material! I’ve had mine for over 2 years and these are legit the only clips I haven’t lost because I love them so much!

Lindsay Fiander - Hairstylist : Toronto, CA @lindsayfiander

I give all these products 5 stars!! Everything I have purchased is made of the highest quality, and superb for all stylists! The combs/clips and roll up kit are extremely durable and excellent in any environment. The new edition Cruxe Oil is divine. Smells incredible , and it’s performance on hair as well as skin is unparalleled!

Danielle LeoGrande @color_by_danielle_

ONCE YOU GO CRUXE THERE IS NO GOING BACK In all seriousness, these clips are the elite of all clips. The luxury feel makes the experience even more enjoyable. I had a real problem reaching for a clip and not wiping my hands that were damp from water or product. I noticed I don't need to worry so much about clips flipping out of my fingers with Cruxe clips. I've gotten more mindful of keeping my hands dry, but now that I've experienced these clips I don't want to use anything else. I look at these and think, "this is how clips should be made" incredible.o showcase a review from one of your customers. A great review is honest and speaks to the concerns of your customers.

Carin Chantele @changelhairdesign

ESSENTIAL BALAYAGE TOOLS- My first entry to Cruxe brand were the clips. I use them for balayage and it’s a must have in my housecall kit and daily salon work. Been loving the hair cutting combs and also using them in place of the planchette for combs for color and white combs for lightener ! Great quality and design and in this moment we need tools that support our craft. Just bought the X oil so stay tuned for my next review!

Nancy Braun @raycgracy